Creating Profitable PPC Campaigns With Prosper202

Most PPC campaigns simply have a limited amount of keywords that really convert into sales. Removing any non-converting keywords is an essential part of optimizing your campaigns and having them profitable. So how do you figure out which keywords are converting for you personally? That is where Prosper202 comes in.  Prosper202 review

Prosper202 is a free, real-time PPC tracking software by the folks of Tracking202. It's self-hosted, which means that you will need to handle the installation on your own server. If you're planning on sending a substantial volume of clicks through Prosper202, i quickly would make sure you install it on a VPS or perhaps your own dedicated server.

When you have everything installed, you will first want to setup your campaigns. Within the setup tab, there's a submenu that displays the various setup steps. You may first need to include your PPC accounts (ie. Google Adwords, MSN Adcenter, etc) after which input any affiliate networks you use (Hydra, NeverblueAds, etc).

Next, you will need to add in the required info for the particular offer you are preparing to send traffic to. The key step here is to penetrate the correct affiliate url. You can get this from the affiliate network you happen to be currently using. Make absolutely certain to include the subid parameter from the url so Prosper202 can send down the subids correctly.

You also have the option here of cloaking your tracking link. You must normally do this while you never want anyone to see where you get your traffic from. Your affiliate manager can determine this by just checking your referrer. By cloaking your link, the referrer will show up as the website of where you installed Prosper202 on, rather than the landing page itself.

For PPC campaigns, you can normally direct url to an offer, or send visitors to a landing page. The use of a landing page, you will need to put it in too. Once you have done that, you're going to get a snippet of javascript to position onto your landing page. You will probably have to change any links on your offer to the one the Prosper202 provides you with as well.

Once this is all setup, you are able to retrieve the links you need to use. These will be input in to the PPC platform that you will be using. Make sure to include the extra keyword parameter if the PPC platform requires it. This may enable Prosper202 to track the keyword connected with a particular click.

If you need to have real-time tracking with the leads you receive, additionally, you will need to give the global tracking pixel that Prosper202 offers you to your affiliate manager. They ought to install it on the offer's confirmation page and whenever you get a lead, the pixel will fire and it will notify Prosper rrmprove the stats. It is deemed an optional step, but if you don't do this you will need to manually enter in the converting subids into prosper202 yourself. Funnel Flux

After you have gotten everything setup, Prosper202 will handle the remainder. You can see your clicks and conversions in real-time while using Spy View, and you may see all the individual stats for every campaign in the overview page. Now you can figure out exactly which keywords are leading to sales and those are not. By having this info at your fingertips, you can take out those non converting keywords and commence getting your PPC campaign profitable.